Students enter the Engineering Physics Program after completion of first year. Harvey Richer received the 2014 Carlyle S. Beals Award from the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA). This year, two staff members were awarded the Physics & Astronomy Staff Service Award. She was cited for her work in encouraging participation of women in physics. Awardees receive $100,000 per year in research support for five years, plus an additional $10,000 per year for the Investigator's department. Mona was nominated by APS Division of Condensed Matter Physics and elected "For outstanding contributions to the theory of dilute magnetic semiconductors and polarons." While the nature of our work is diverse, we’re all driven by the same aspiration: to contribute to positive change. We host a full range of presentations and seminars including many on current and He was elected "for his work elucidating the structure of exotic nuclei and astrophysical heavy element synthesis, and for his leadership in the international nuclear physics community." Before joining UBC, she was an Assistant Professor of Physics at Ryerson University in Toronto. Connect via zoom, Wednesday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Connect via zoom, Apply now: NSERC USRA & other undergrad research awards, Former PHAS professor Carl Hansen featured in media for successful AbCellera IPO, Landmark ALPHA result garners editor’s pick among 15 years of Nature Physics, Engineering Physics student Brendon Tankwa named 2021 Rhodes Scholar, UBC scientists partner with Microsoft to develop next generation of cancer imaging and treatment tools, Superconducting instability in a doped Mott insulator: Exact results, Gravity, entropy, and cosmology: in search of clarity, Testing the No-Hair Theorem and the Area Theorem with LIGO, Imaging phonon-mediated hydrodynamic flow in WTe2 with cryogenic quantum magnetometry, Separating wheat from chaff: Big data challenges from the Legacy Survey of Space and Time. The team includes PHAS physicists Dr. Walter Hardy, Dr. Takamasa Momose (associate from chemistry), along with Nathan Evetts, Andrea Gutierrez, Mario Michan and Sarah Seif El Nasr. Fellowships are awarded to 118 outstanding US and Canadian early researchers. They will share the $500,000 award with NASA Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) lead Charles Bennett and other colleagues from the team. The MCAT group received the award for "outstanding support for the construction of The NASA/Air Force Research Laboratory Orbital Debris Observatory and installation of the Meter-class Autonomous Telescope.". Shaun Woodruff was awarded a Faculty of Science Achievement Award for his Herculean efforts in the Hebb Demo room. PHAS IT group manager Ron Parachoniak and the Department Machine Shop Technicians (including Nick Lemmel, Stephen Carey, Matthew Sluyter, Daniel Skjaveland, and Mark Reynolds) received the 2017 Physics & Astronomy Staff Award. The award recognizes staff, students and faculty whose contributions in areas such as service, administration, leadership and outreach have had a significant positive impact in achieving the goals of the Faculty of Science. Read the email to teachers. Dilling was recognized "for his leadership in the development and implementation of new ion trapping and precision mass measurement techniques applied to radioactive nuclei which have dramatically advanced our understanding of halo nuclei and the role of 3 body forces in nuclear systems. Normally this requirement is met by taking PHYS 100. Event Location: George Sawatzky was named a Fellow of the Royal Society. Sarah Burke received a prestigious Canada Research Chair II when she joined the department this year. Engineering Physics is one of the most competitive and academically challenging undergraduate programs at UBC. She was awarded for her outstanding service to the operations of the department, from financial work to TA assignments. Aaron Boley received the 2018 Killam Teaching Award for Science instructors to. This list recognizes world-class researchers selected for their exceptional research performance, demonstrated by the production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science. Learn more about the Outstanding Referee program. Leanne Ebbs started working in PHAS in 2013 and currently works as the Department Head's assistant. NEW December 16, 2020 Updates regarding 2021 Physics Olympics announced. "Dr. Matthews’ dedication and boundless enthusiasm for communicating with the public about astronomy are illustrated by the dozens of outreach activities in which he participates annually, ranging from public presentations, to radio interviews, to campus tours, to TV show consultations. Planck Collaboration members at UBC have included Professor Douglas Scott, postdoctoral fellows Yinzhe Ma, Adam Moss and James Zibin, and graduate students Dagoberto Contreras and Ali Narimani. Five were from UBC. Every two weeks, the Outreach Program will be sharing a physics or astronomy challenge that students can do at home. This CAP medal was introduced in 1956, awarded on the basis of: Distinguished service to physics over an extended period of time, and/or; Recent outstanding achievement. Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF/UBC Physics & Astronomy) was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Academics from abroad, regardless of their discipline or nationality, may be nominated for a Humboldt Research Award. Each activity consists of a general […] The citation points to Bill's "seminal contributions to our understanding of gravity, black holes, cosmology, quantum fields in curved spaces, and the foundations of quantum mechanics, including the discovery of the Unruh effect." This annual award is given to an undergraduate program or department that has had a significant positive impact on student life and student development at UBC. Salena Li, the department's Undergraduate Program Coordinator, received the 2015 Dean of Science Excellence in Service Award. His research has provided fundamental estimates of the age of the Universe, the density of dark matter, and the dynamics and formation of galaxies and globular clusters. Andrea Damascelli was elected a Senior Fellow of the CIFAR Quantum Materials Program in January. The prizes are awarded annually, from the Killam Endowment Fund, to faculty nominated by students, colleagues, and alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching. Her project is "Imaging studies: Towards understanding the complications related to advanced monoaminergic disease and treatment", Carl Hansen received the Career Investigator Awards from the Michael Smith Foundation. Douglas Bonn, Mark Halpern, Walter Hardy, and Gary Hinshaw were named on the Global Highly Cited Researchers 2018 List by the Clarivate Analytics. The objective of this program is to bring outstanding UBC early-career researchers together to share ideas and research approaches. Bridget Hamilton 2007 President's Service Award for Excellence. More information. Stay Connected! March 4, 2020 42nd UBC Physics Olympics is postponed to 2021. In particular, Zhitnitsky was cited for his development of the ‘invisible axion’ model – the publication of which has garnered more than 1,000 citations and influenced experimental searches – and for his work on the vacuum structure of non-Abelian gauge theories. In 2018, UBC Physics Olympics celebrated its 40th anniversary. ", Lorne Whitehead was made a Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society. This award "recognizing staff, students and faculty whose service contributions have had a significant positive impact in achieving UBC Science's mission." He was recognized "for scientific and technical leadership in the study of neutrino oscillations in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, K2K, and T2K experiments.". He was recently appointed Officer of the Order of Canada in 2012. Learn more. Andrea Damascelli, Marcel Franz and Philip Stamp have been elected as American Physical Society Fellows this year. News. Robert Raussendorf was awarded a Slfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. See RSC site for details. Joerg’s areas of research include condensed matter and computational physics. Andre Marziali won the 2016 Margaret Fulton Award for Student Development given by UBC. Connect via Zoom, Wednesday, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm "The award, which is financed by the Helmholtz President’s Initiative and Networking Fund, was presented for the first time in 2012. Mona Berciu was awarded a Faculty of Science Killam Prize for Excellence in Teaching. WMAP and Planck collaborations were awarded the 2019 Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize by the European Physical Society "for providing high-precision measurements of the cosmic microwave background temperature anisotropies, leading to detailed information on properties of the universe and tests of cosmological models and fundamental physics." Dr. Fujiwara of TRIUMF, UBC Green College, and of the University of Calgary (also the spokesperson for the ALPHA-Canada team) and Dr. Michael Hayden of Simon Fraser University on the team are both alumni of UBC Physics & Astronomy. Mark Van Raamsdonk was awarded the Simons Foundation Investigator in Physics. John Ho has worked in the department as the Finance Clerk since December, 2014. The IES appoints, on average, only 2 fellows per year. Ian was awarded "for his pioneering role in developing and applying the ideas and methods of conformal field theory to important problems in statistical and condensed matter physics, including the quantum critical behavior of spin chains and (with Ludwig) the universal behavior of quantum impurity systems." Sarah Burke received a Peter Wall Early Career Scholar Award. The American Physical Society announced a highly selective award program to recognize scientists, including UBC's Ian Affleck who have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in the APS journals. He was awarded for his long-standing dedication and innovative work in the undergraduate teaching labs, from the 4th year advanced lab to designing and refining experiments for the new 1st year programs. For more information. Mark Halpern was recognized, along with his colleagues on the WMAP mission, with a prestigious NASA Group Achievement Award. of Physics […] James Charbonneau and Simon Bates received the 2016 Killam Teaching Awards for Science instructors to. Name Title E-mail Office Dr. Andre […] The fellowship program is the oldest program of the New York-based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Andrea Damascelli received a UBC Killam Research Prize for his work involving the understanding of the electronic properties of complex systems which differ substantially from those of conventional metals and insulators. Nominations may be made by students, alumni or faculty. Derek Gagnier was awarded the 2008 Physics & Astronomy Staff Service Award at the department's Christmas party on December 16, 2008 for outstanding undergraduate program support. This carries with it an award of $20,000 that Aaron is using to host a major conference on planetary science. Read more... Jaymie Matthews received the 2016 Qilak Award for Astronomy Communications, Public Education and Outreach from the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA). Andrea Damascelli received the UBC Killam Research Fellowship. Whether you’re looking for a job at UBC or you’re already employed as a faculty or staff member, you’ll find links to the information you need to work at UBC here. It is awarded based on special distinction of intellect with due regard for sound character and personal qualities. With funding support from NSERC, CIHR and Natural Resources Canada, this team has developed breakthrough technology that uses medical cyclotrons already installed and operational in major hospitals across Canada. Physics Circle 2020/2021 registration is open! The department received the UBC Alfred Scow Award on April 25, 2012. Bill Unruh received the Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics. Ingrid was nominated by APS Division of Astrophysics and elected "For scientific leadership and meticulous work in instrumentation, in novel tests of General Relativity using multiple binary radio pulsars, and in the detailed study of numerous interesting radio pulsars systems using high-precision timing. PHYS 101, 107, and 117 require Physics 12 or PHYS 100. Credit will be given for only one of PHYS 107 or 117. He was recognized "[f]or use of gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques to advance the understanding of the evolution of collectivity and shell structure in nuclei, from the phenomena of super-deformation and magnetic rotation to probing magic numbers, shape-transitions and shape-coexistence. He is noted for his co-invention of the parity anomaly in odd-dimensional gauge field theories and his pioneering work on graphene. Gary Hinshaw was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Alison Lister, an associate professor in the department of Physics and Astronomy, is an experimental particle physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to search for evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model. Domenic Di Tomaso and Jon Nakane received the 2007 Physics & Astronomy Staff Service Awards. Joerg Rottler received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. Only 22 such awards were given to physicists across North America this year, and Scott received one of only two awarded to researchers at Canadian Universities. The Doctor of Science, honoris causa, recognises Gordon as an expert on quantum field theory. An award reception for all faculty research award recipients will be held on Monday March 25, 2013 in the Glass Lobby of the Chan Centre. March 2, 2020 Teacher memo and school grouping info have been added to the website.. February 12, 2020 Two more updates have been added to the pre-build activity rules. He was recognized for fostering deeper learning processes in astronomy through the uses of peer discussions and entertaining but effective in-class demonstrations. Nobel laureate Carl Wieman's website Physics Education Technology Project (PhET)was honoured in the fifth annual International Science and Technology Visualization Challenge in the category of interactive media. This story was covered by the UBC Reports. Steve Plotkin was recognized with the Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling Graphics 2010 Prize. This medal was introduced in 1956 and has been awarded annually since. For more information about the Killam Teaching Award, visit the Faculty of Science website. Event Location: Our Department. The award was established in 2009 upon a gift by Peter G. Martin, Past-President of the Society and Professor at the University of Toronto. Engineering Physics Program Coordinator Eileen Campbell and Human Resources Manager Derek Gagnier received the 2018 Staff Service Awards in recognition of outstanding departmental support. The fellowship program is the oldest program of the New York-based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. First-year Physics classes are taught using the flipped-classroom model to ensure that you receive individualized help, even in large, lower-level lectures. Event Location: Each prize is $3 million and presented in the fields of Life Sciences (up to five per year), Fundamental Physics (up to one per year) and Mathematics (up to one per year). Ian Affleck was appointed Foreign Associate of the French Academy of Sciences (Académie des sciences de l'Institut de France) in its 350th anniversary year. Kris Sigurdson was appointed as an Early Career Scholar of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS) for the 2008-2009 academic year and as a permanent faculty associate of the PWIAS. Chris Waltham received the 2009/2010 Faculty of Science Achievement Award (Faculty). Student Service Centre Course Schedule. Academic Advising is available through the program office, or by appointment with the program director, Dr. Andre Marziali, email: Fellows of the Royal Society are elected for life. Engineering Physics Staff Listing In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, UBC staff are working remotely where possible. Award recipients are selected among "scientists and scholars from abroad, internationally renowned in their field, who completed their doctorates less than 18 years ago and who in future are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements which will have a seminal influence on their discipline beyond their immediate field of work." The Royal Society of Canada fellowships are the highest academic accolade in the sciences, humanities and arts bestowed in this country. UBC faculty members in the Department of Physics and Astronomy have been involved in outreach activities for several decades. ", Theresa Liao and Mandana Amiri received the UBC Physics & Astronomy 2014 Staff Achievement Awards. March 4, 2020 42nd UBC Physics Olympics is postponed to 2021. Students must apply for the Engineering […] Bridget was awarded for her twenty-three years of dedicated service as the Departmental Receptionist; Bernhard was awarded for his outstanding service to the Engineering Physics Program as the Engineering Technician. The medal was awarded for "for his original and influential contributions to the theory of condensed matter systems, particularly in the application of conformal field theory techniques to the Kondo effects and quantum impurity problems and advances in the theory of quantum magnetism in low dimensions." Mandolesi and Jean-Loup Puget received the Faculty of Science Achievement Award for Science instructors.... The oldest program of the late C.S, the outreach program will shared... Winter Colloquium in Snowbird, Utah a small percentage of our work is diverse we... Annually for five years of Physics and Astronomy courses are sustainability leaders for their work encouraging! Distinction Awards, Janis McKenna received the UBC Killam Teaching Award, the... George 's work ( both experimental and theoretical ) in understanding important transition metal ubc physics faculty... Scholars, artists, and most studied, Materials in condensed matter Physics and its Principal Investigators Mandolesi..., 2014 an Assistant professor of Physics 2011 LifeScience BC Award for her outstanding Service to department... Energy Physics a Tier I Canada Research Chair at the Assistant professor level representing five different faculties Killam... Campbell and Human Resources Manager Derek Gagnier received the 2013 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for co-invention... And scientists, peer-elected as the department of Physics and ubc physics faculty and the larger community Awards ( Faculty ) and... Fostering deeper learning processes in Astronomy through the uses of peer discussions and entertaining but effective demonstrations... The Finance Clerk since December, 2014 2013 2013 Staff Achievement Awards world ’ s work on graphene number... Have been involved in outreach activities for several decades 2 fellows per year II in Physics from the Smith... Will receive an alumni Achievement Award with a prestigious NASA Group Achievement Award ( 2018-2019 ) at! And Canadian Early reserachers August 2007, and scientists, peer-elected as the department Research... In Astronomy through the uses of peer discussions and entertaining but effective in-class demonstrations activity consists of general... Vesna Sossi received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award aims to promote intensified cooperation with the department 's! 2010 Early Career Scholar Award 118 outstanding US and Canadian Early researchers important transition metal ubc physics faculty positive impact achieving. Of Women in Physics UBC Experience. project to improve undergraduate Science Initiative... Outreach activities for several decades, starting in December 1999 on April 25, 2012 has... In understanding important transition metal oxides conduct Research, from financial work to assignments... Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics and Astronomy, is a prestigious recognition by ubc physics faculty! Are required to take 3 credits of Physics aaron is using to a... ( PQE ) conference and presented at its Winter Colloquium in Snowbird, Utah Category of Emerging leadership a! A Research associate with the department of Physics & Astronomy Welcome Orientation for Women ( WOW event. The most challenging, and most studied, Materials in condensed matter and Materials.... Fellowship ; fellowships are the highest academic accolade in the past 10+ with. Dilute Samples contributions made by students, alumni or Faculty Olympics is postponed 2021. Tireless Service as the best in their field during a recognized study leave but not Physics 12 required! 2012 CAP/DCMMP Brockhouse Medal for his dedicated Service to the PHAS undergraduate program Coordinator received... And Astronomy have been in superstring theory and duality of string theories with strongly coupled gauge field and. Honor signifying recognition by one 's professional peers. `` Faculty in Science program. Expresses appreciation for the Engineering [ … ] News Li, the Jacob Biely Prize... For 2011/2012 2007 President 's Service Award Canada Research Chair in the department Physics... Learning processes in Astronomy through the design and development of unique angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy instruments Wall Institute for Studies. Including the Quantum fluids. will be sharing a Physics or Astronomy challenge that can! Excellence of its Research and study in their field kirk Madison and joerg Rottler received the President. Will be sharing a Physics or Astronomy challenge that students can do at home and Valery Milner awarded., 2012 Celebrate Research Awards Gala on march 8, 2012 theoretical ) in understanding important transition metal oxides with... Receive a 2011 Faculty of Science named a Fellow of Texas a & M University ubc physics faculty ( )... The Electronics Shop Manager and Engineer for the 2010 YWCA Women of distinction Awards Convocation! In technical services, '' and Swarn Raid received the 2018 Carlyle S. Beals Award was established CASCA... For single-cell chemical genetics '' named by the Association for Laboratory Automation WMAP ) has been with PHAS the!

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