April 3rd, 2010, by admin

People talking. Children playing. Dirt on the streets. Rubble all over. Folks all around selling any and everything to earn funds. Singing. Dancing. Praying. Crying. Frustration. Anger. These are a few of the things and emotions that can be experienced by simply being amongst the Haitian people. As you look around, everything is so real that it becomes surreal. No longer can you change the channel and get away from the reality that exists. It is there and it. is. real. Despite the devastation, one thing that is easily noticed is the joy that remains within the people. They still have the strength to get up, start their day, overcome their struggles, sing, dance, laugh, and continue to live life regardless of the visual imagery that surrounds them. In the past few days, the i2BELIEVE crew braved the chaotic streets of Haiti and visited the mass graves where thousands of bodies were dumped and buried after the earthquake. They also were allowed into the morgue, the hospital, the tent cities, and the National Palace of the Republic of Haiti where they interviewed people and experienced the true essence of all that there is now. As i2BELIEVE continues to work on the making of the documentary, we will be displaying and updating photos of the process. As you view them, and because we’ve experienced it, we know that you’ll find your problems less magnified and open your mind and heart to the resilience of these people.

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