April 7th, 2010, by admin

History in motion.  That is what we captured.  The time spent in Haiti shooting the documentary was unbelievable!  When one decides to do something of this magnitude, you may think you know what you’re going to experience, but you truly have no idea.  To experience the devastation while being in the midst of it instead of the comfort of your living room is two completely different things.  i2BELIEVE spent the week filming in order to bring awareness to the current state of Haiti.  Yes, we all know what happened during the earthquake, but unfortunately, after a few weeks, things tend to die down, especially when it’s not your problem.  We wanted to show that there is still much to be done.  We wanted to spotlight the strength and resilience of the Haitian people, their lives during the aftermath, and the true state of the country, not just what the media wants to show.  Throughout it all, we were able to view the people continuing to live, and doing whatever necessary to make it work.  We saw men, women, and children survive and make the most of what they had left.  We were able to inhale the air and hear the music and voices singing songs throughout the day.

i2BELIEVE was also priviledged enough to be able to see some of Haiti’s most Elite areas.  We wanted to shed light on the things that the mainstream doesn’t want you to see.  We wanted to illustrate the wealth and potential of the country.  Often time, Haiti is shown to be poor and distraught, which in some parts are true, but that occurs in some part of everywhere.  What they fail to bring to the forefront is all of the positivity, beauty, wealth, and resources.

Throughout the week, we managed to take something from the surface point to the depths of our souls and that fueled an emotional connection and commitment to the country.  We at i2BELIEVE, do believe that this country will be re-built and stronger than before!  We truly enjoyed the process and have been forever changed!  Thanks to all who supported us in the endeavor and look out for the documentary in the coming months.

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