May 7th, 2010, by admin

“A Night for Haiti” was a great success and a wonderful experience!  It was great to see people come together for such a wonderful cause.  The night proved to be eventful and the attendees appreciated all the aspects provided within this great night. i2BELIEVE appreciates all the help, purchases,  and support in making this event possible!  Special thanks goes out to:

  • Joe Jones for allowing us to make the Living Room Lounge our home for the fundraiser and gracing us with a killer performance with his band featuring Cherisse Scott.
  • Pet Peeves for making me want to dance again last night.  Their performance helped the evening end on a high note.  Not to mention, they allowed us to use their PA system-and refused to receive any compensation for it– Instead, asking the money be used for I 2 Believe efforts.
  • Uneaka and Jus Flo for a spectacular musical performance—Thanks again.
  • Precise—say no more.  Hip Hop to another level.  Did I mention he was Haitian?
  • Pork Diesel (aka, Dennis the baker)—started the night off strong and kept us bopping between sets.  Thanks for donating your services.
  • Andy Sparesus—For performing double duty-videographer and Paparazzi.  Andy also served as Director of Photography on our Haiti trip earlier in the month.
  • Board members: Jessica Robert, John & Denise Spelgatti, Amy Bernstein, Jim Roberts & Macdanne Edmond-(who provided the catering service for the evening ) for diving in and doing whatever it took to make the night happen.
  • Hugh Grady for hitting the streets to get the word out and Remoh Robert for making sure that Blue-ray DVD played before leaving for the event.

Once again, we thank you and look forward to our continued service to the children of Haiti.

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