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Driven Entertainment is an independent film company with a distinguished and diverse presence within the industry. We’re a one stop shop for your multimedia needs. Production & Post Production company friendly to independent content producers. Driven Entertainment is a Chicago based company.

Started by Hugh Grady and Tirf Alexius in 2005-06. At that same time their production for “Lost in Thought” was underway. The company produces music,films, television commercials, and special events. Tirf Alexius and Hugh Grady started the company to endeavor to further the interest and success of working actors and film makers. If you have a dream, we have a vision.

Tirf Alexius

TIrf Alexius hails from the northwest side of Chicago. He graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a B.A in acting. His career in film began in front of the camera starring in commercials and films, but from an early age, Tirf always wanted to explore what it would be like to work from the other side of the camera.

He was given that opportunity when his fellow alum, Hugh Grady, delivered a script to his doorstep. While producing, Lost in Thought, Tirf discovered his knack for bringing projects to life. Shortly after, he cofounded Driven Entertainment, a production and multimedia services company. His recent works include television commercials, radio shows and various media projects.

Breathing Room marks his sophomore producing effort. And he’d like to remind you that “he’s not a gangster, he’s a businessman…even though there isn’t much difference.”

Hugh M. Grady

Hugh M. Grady is an American film producer and actor. Originally from Detroit, MI, Hugh moved to Chicago, IL where he studied acting. He always had a love for film. After he graduated in 2002 from Columbia College of Chicago, he worked in theatre and film in the area. In 2006, he, along with producing partner Tirf Alexius, started Driven Entertainment. They produced multiple commercials and independent films. Breathing Room is their second film project.

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