Shop Rick's Travel Store. I loved Windsor Castle and the village shopping. I would emphasize that this is indeed a strenuous tour with lots of walking, standing and stairs. crown jewels, castles, pubs, etc. Rick Steves Top Sites in London. The hotel was in a great location. We liked the mix of activities and the opportunities to do things on our own. Jeanie was the perfect guide. On one our free afternoons, we took a "Street Art Tour" and that was amazing. He had everything organized and on schedule. "Honestly, my favorite wow moment was going to the British Museum. Incredible history and architecture.". I would recommend that as a suggestion for free time. Also adequate enough downtime for us to do our own exploring. and allowed us to walk to many important venues as well as catch the Underground. Rick Steves' Europe. Once we learned the public transportation system we had the confidence to truly see London. Bravo!! To request advance notification of when a tour will be available for booking, please select ‘Notify Me’ next to the departure date and join the list. One - public transportation was great. Many on our tour saw our pictures, and said that they would have liked to have done that.". She kept us on schedule with humor and kindness. Our tour leader, Gillian, was absolutely wonderful. I am the reluctant traveler in our family. "The eating tour of London rose above the 'walk thru, "Ooooh"! I missed the Tower of London and I was really looking forward to that. "British Museum with Rosetta Stone, Easter Island figure, and Egyptian hieroglyphics". We were immersed in the rich history of London, from its early occupation by the Romans to the Victorian Age to the siege during WWII by Germany. All the guides at the particular sites were superior! Jeanie was a first-rate guide; her knowledge of both traditional London history coupled with "insider" facts and anecdotes helped create an engaging, thought-provoking interaction that allowed each day to be both adventurous and meaningful. Spend the afternoon at Harrods or other shopping venues. Going for Evensong was spiritual. lived and worked.". Thanks for a great week, Roy! The London Tour in 7 days was amazing! The one-square-mile historic core of London — called simply … I loved walking through them when we had a little bit of free time. We felt part of the group as a family & the narration was awesome. My first time in London, extremely pleased with the experience. What can I say? And we're very glad we did. Having Shepard's Market across the street was AMAZING, especially when the weather was bad or we were too tired to go too far from the hotel for dinner. We loved it! While standing and watching The Merry Wives of Windsor, Falstaff, after drinking from a pint of beer, laughed, and then profusely spit out a mouthful of it upon the audience. This morning we'll head out early to witness the opening ceremony at the medieval Tower of London. The rooms seem so primitive.". Excellent as expected, our fourth RS tour. ", "Close-up viewing of the both the Foot Guards and Horse Guards marching at the Mall near Buckingham Palace. We will just have to come back and do it again. The little town of Eaton was fun to explore. We were able to visit, visited when the crowd had waned, and got a coffee boost too!". When I win the mega million lottery, I plan to buy an apartment to become a part year London resident. One of the best things about London is that you can be in the middle of traffic and busy commuters, turn the corner, and all of a sudden, you're in a quiet churchyard or a serene park. We'll spend the morning touring the Royal Family's castle, ornate St. George's Chapel, and the surrounding park. He made the difference!! I spent so much time there that I thought that they were going to charge me rent.". "So many "wow" moments, but I especially enjoyed the East End Food Tour. "The Tower of London. This was an excellent tour and met or exceeded all of our expectations. I had a great time. This tour hit all the highlights of London while still allowing individual time to explore or relax. London is full of life, and much of that life comes from tourists. We are already looking forward to our next tour. Wonderful outstanding tour of London with excellent care & narration by our guide Jeanie. Jeanie was very knowledgeable of everything and I feel like I learned a thing or two while have the trip of my life. I was out voted by the rest of my family on our 2019 vacation choice and I'm glad I was. I liked viewing the Rosetta Stone and that after a long day our tour guide Tom allowed for history on the stone and then let us explore the museum on our own.". Sadly, Big Ben was behind scaffolding.". while my husband was stuck on the train was unnerving, However, several very kind citizens helped me find my way. She also treated us like adults, which was most appreciated. Her enthusiasm was infectious. Our guide Gillian was outstanding, calm, helpful and very informative. Cheerio! I liked the amount and variety of activities scheduled each day, especially since I like walking a lot. Other wow moment was the huge contrast between the new architecture and old in London - especially the financial district buildings. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Finally, the London public transportation system was exceptional--especially the Underground! "Our fondest recollection will always be of how we were introduced to London through Jeanne, with thoughtfulness, intelligence and a love for all the sites and experiences she made available to us.". He blended comedy with history.". "There were so many - not one specific one.". St.Pauls Cathedrals and The London Tower were full of "wow" moments for me. The Abbey is unlike any place I've ever been in terms of beauty and historical significance. Enjoyed all the tourist things we did but really enjoyed Jeanie taking us in all the ethnic neighborhoods and discussing past history of London. Once we've had our fill, we'll continue on to England's national church — Christopher Wren's majestically domed St. Paul's Cathedral — and hear how local "fire watcher" volunteers saved this symbol of British resolve during the bombing raids of World War II. I appreciated touring with the group with Gillian as our guide, as well as the local guides that took us to specific places. We came away feeling we had a solid knowledge base of London, "I loved Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and St Paul's! The other tour guides were very good and knew their subjects. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, "The Churchill rooms and the Globe theater. Felt very comfortable everywhere. "The Tower of London was a great experience. I was flooded with so many emotions. "My favorite moment was something not on the tour, but recommended as a side excursion - visiting the Houses of Parliament. Being coached in the use of public transportation was a huge help. It kicked our butt...but we wanted to soaked up all we could, including The riotous Book of Mormon.

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